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This is my first attempt at "blogging". So far, I'm finding it to be a rather addicting new medium for filtering some of my passing thoughts and sharing my creative endeavors. I figure its also a cool way to keep old friends in the loop as well as help new friends catch up. Actually, I dont have a clue what the point of this blog will be. I hope in time, it will be a documentation of a lot of my creative work from the past as well as the present. Overall, I hope to convey personal and creative growth through steady analysis and expression. Perhaps, this will only be interesting to me. Who knows. I'm just making this because it feels good. If others enjoy the fruits of my labours - excellent.


photography, painting, creative writing, poetry, song lyrics, creating digital music, walking in the woods, contemplating my navel by water, making new friends, bonding with old friends, eating exotic food, making exotic food, dancing, singing, swinging on swingsets, astronomy, astrology, magic, roadtrips with no timeline, winging it, having a plan, not having a plan, wine, sambucca, dancing, laughing, laughing, laughing, crying, candle light, music and exotic food with friends by candlelight, being a hostess, being a guest, reading about ways to expand spiritually, news (eventhough I have seen proof it isnt always the truth), reading fluff because you KNOW it's just that, comedies, artsy fartsy movies with obscure settings, tormented characters and unique camera angles and lighting.